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Aurora Elementi Gas Fire pit table

Aurora Elementi Gas Fire pit table

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Nantucket Elementi Gas Fire pit table

Nantucket Elementi Gas Fire pit table

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Lunar Bowl Elementi Gas Fire pit table

Lunar Bowl Elementi Gas Fire pit table

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Lafite Barrel Gas Fire pit ElementiLafite Barrel Gas Fire pit Elementi

Lafite Barrel Gas Fire pit Elementi

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Hampton Elementi Gas Fire pit table

Hampton Elementi Gas Fire pit table

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80 cm Table Fire pit80 cm Table Fire pit

80 cm Table Fire pit

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Granville Elementi Gas Fire pit tableGranville Elementi Gas Fire pit table

Granville Elementi Gas Fire pit table

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80cm Fire pit Plancha Coffee Table80cm Fire pit Plancha Coffee Table

80cm Fire pit Plancha Coffee Table

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Discover our Exclusive Collection of Fire Pit Tables to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Like Mexican fire pits, fire pit tables are the new must-have trend to enhance your garden or patio. These beautiful pieces of furniture combine elegant design and functionality that will warm up your outdoor evenings. In this article, we present our collection of fire pit tables that are sure to charm you.

What is a Fire Pit Table and Why Choose One for Your Outdoor Space?

A fire pit table is a low garden table incorporating a fire pit, making it a versatile piece of outdoor furniture. Here are some reasons to opt for a fire pit table:

  • Warmth and conviviality: Thanks to its fire pit function, the table creates a warm and friendly atmosphere during your evenings with friends or family.
  • Design and aesthetics: Fire pit tables are available in a variety of styles and materials, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.
  • Practicality: With a fire pit table, you do not need a separate space for the fire pit and the table. This saves space and makes it easier to organize your outdoor events.

Our Selection of Fire Pit Tables for Every Taste and Budget

In our collection, you will find a variety of fire pit tables to meet your needs and desires:

1. The Stainless Steel Fire Pit Table

This fire pit table made of stainless steel is a durable and weather-resistant choice. Its contemporary and sleek design will adapt to all outdoor styles. The table's surface is large enough to place your glasses and plates, while the central fire pit will keep you warm during cool evenings.

2. The Aluminum Fire Pit Table

Light and easy to move, this aluminum fire pit table is ideal for those who like to rearrange their outdoor space. Its modern design and clean lines make it an aesthetic choice for your garden or patio.

3. The Wooden Fire Pit Table

For lovers of natural materials, our wooden fire pit table is an essential choice. Wood brings a warm and authentic touch to your outdoor space, while the integrated fire pit ensures a pleasant source of heat during your outdoor evenings.

4. The Stone Fire Pit Table

Looking for a more rustic style? Opt for our stone fire pit table, which will add an authentic and charming touch to your outdoor space. The robustness of the stone guarantees exceptional durability, while the central fire pit brings warmth and conviviality.

5. The Fire Pit Table with Barbecue Function

Perfect for grill enthusiasts, this fire pit table has an integrated barbecue function. You can enjoy a hot meal while benefiting from the warmth and atmosphere created by the fire pit. This is the ideal choice for lively and gourmet outdoor evenings.

How to Maintain and Secure Your Fire Pit Table?

A fire pit table requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and safety. Here are some tips for taking care of your fire pit table:

1. Cleaning

  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum: Use a soft cloth and soapy water to clean the table's surface. Avoid abrasive products that could scratch the metal.
  • Wood: Clean the table's surface with soapy water and a soft brush. Apply oil or a wood protection product to preserve its beauty and durability.
  • Stone: Use a soft brush and water to clean the table's surface. Avoid chemical products that could damage the stone.

2. Protection

Protect your fire pit table from the weather by using a cover suitable for its size and shape. Make sure to put it in place when you are not using the table to prolong its life.

3. Safety

To avoid any risk of accident, follow these safety rules:

  • Never leave the fire pit unattended when lit.
  • Ensure that children and pets do not get too close to the fire pit.
  • Use a spark guard to prevent embers from escaping the fire pit.
  • Always extinguish the fire pit following the manufacturer's instructions.

Outdoor Fire Pit Table: A Touch of Warmth and Elegance for Your Outdoor Space

The outdoor fire pit table is the essential accessory to enjoy your terrace or garden in all seasons. With its careful design and quality materials, it brings both a warm ambiance and an elegant style to your outdoor space. Ideal for spending convivial moments with friends or family, the outdoor fire pit table transforms your patio into a true living space.

Gas Fire Pit Table: A Practical and Ecological Solution for Your Outdoor Evenings

Opting for a gas fire pit table offers many advantages. Easy to use and maintain, it allows precise control of the flame for a warm atmosphere suited to your desires. Moreover, gas is a clean and environmentally friendly energy source, allowing you to enjoy your fire pit table without emitting smoke or ashes.

Plancha Fire Pit Table: Cook and Warm Up at the Same Time

The plancha fire pit table is the ideal accessory to combine cooking and conviviality outdoors. It allows you to cook on an integrated cooking surface, while enjoying the heat and ambiance created by the fire pit. Practical and versatile, the plancha fire pit table is perfect for organizing outdoor meals and enjoying warm moments with your loved ones.

Barbecue Fire Pit Table: Enjoy Delicious Grilled Meals in a Warm Atmosphere

With a barbecue fire pit table, you can enjoy dual functionality: a cooking space to prepare delicious grilled meals and a fire pit to warm up the atmosphere. Perfect for barbecue enthusiasts, the barbecue fire pit table offers a convivial solution for sharing outdoor meals and creating unforgettable memories around a welcoming fire.

Garden Fire Pit Table: Turn Your Garden into a Place of Relaxation and Conviviality

The garden fire pit table is the key element to transform your outdoor space into a true haven of peace. Adorned with a fire pit, it brings a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for relaxing and enjoying nature. Whether for family meals, evenings with friends, or simply to unwind at the end of the day, the garden fire pit table is a real asset for your outdoor space.


Fire pit tables are the ideal choice to beautify your outdoor area and create a warm and friendly ambiance. Our collection offers a wide variety of styles and materials to suit all tastes and budgets. Feel free to browse our selection and choose the fire pit table that perfectly matches your outdoor space.