OYAT BBO Fire Pit Black 68

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  • Diameter plate: 68 cm
  • Dimensions: 68x68x89 cm
  • Total weight: 38 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Manufacture: Cognac, France
  • Colour: BLACK
  • Material  : Steel
  • Estimated delivery time: 2 to 4 weeks

The OYAT BBO 68 BLACK Brazier: A Fusion of Style and Functionality


The OYAT BBO 68 BLACK Brazier from the prestigious French brand OYAT is a true work of art for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. With its unique ability to offer two methods of cooking - plancha and grill - this brazier is the perfect combination of a comfortable brazier and a functional barbecue. Its black hue, obtained through the use of steel, adds a hint of elegance and refinement that naturally evolves over time.

Exceptional Design and Capacity

The OYAT BBO 68 BLACK Brazier, with its open hearth and large 68 cm diameter plate, is designed to comfortably accommodate between 12 and 14 people, making every outdoor evening memorable. Its practical structure includes a space dedicated to wood storage, ensuring that fuel is always within reach, and a 10 mm thick plate guarantees constant heat and exceptional durability.

Eco-Friendly Commitment and Local Production

True to its commitment to sustainability and eco-design, OYAT prioritises short circuits for the production of this brazier. Local manufacturing in Cognac, France, not only supports the regional economy, but also preserves traditional craft techniques, adding pride to the brand.

Community and Sharing: The OYAT Spirit

OYAT, founded by Alexis and Robin, embodies the spirit of community and sharing. The OYAT BBO 68 BLACK Brazier is more than a simple cooking device; it's a catalyst for moments of friendship, exchanges, and culinary enjoyment, strengthening OYAT's mission to turn every meal into a unique moment of sharing around a fire.

Maintenance and 12-month warranty

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